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Mehtab Singh Gurna

Industrial Designer




Date of Birth:

November 20th, 1996

A Bit About Me

I am an Industrial Designer who believes that the greatest power that any designer can have is empathy and perspective. I believe in always growing and cultivating a perspective which is open to become wider and have as many influences as possible to increase my ability to harness empathy better and more accurately.

I enjoy keeping a focus on my physical and mental wellbeing. Photography and doodling are some of my favorite things to do when I am not occupied with work. All the photographs used in this website were clicked by me. I look forward to be a part of interdisciplinary teams and working together with a diverse group of people.

Work Experience

The Sample Room
Industrial Designer

October 2023 - Current

  • In charge of finishing, detailing and, setting up 3D printing files for Tory Burch. Responsible for the color and finish of all projects.

  • Performed inventory management and organization tasks. Responsible for silicone molding projects and wood working projects in the studio.

  • 3D Modeling and problem solving to execute the intricate designs with several mechanisms for hardware parts such as dogclips, logos, hasps, push locks buckles, latch locks, etc.

Kinis Barefoot
Industrial Design Intern

Mar 2023 - 8 months

  • Wearable Tech (In-sole fall prediction tech):

    • Designed a smart shoe for fall prediction in adults (60+ years), using AI & ML

    • Researched and tested pressure sensors and inertial measurement units (IMU)

    • Created a fall prediction model to study irregular movements and gait

  • Toe Spacers (Foot splay corrector):

    • Designed a Toe Spacer which avoids developing bunions (misalignment of toes)

    • Used cork for sustainability and better maneuverability of product

    • Prototypes developed using Laser cutting, Silicone Casting, 3D Printing; tested prototype with 15 student athletes

  • Indian Clubs (Light exercise instrument):

    • Designed using sustainable materials; wood & reclaimed scrap metal

    • Developed a press to unlock mechanism for modularity and switching weights

Graduate Mentor

May 2022 - 1 year

  • Mentored undergrad students pursuing their degrees and was actively involved in developing timelines and Gantt charts for them to keep track

  • Taught time management techniques and created assignment tracking sheets along with regular meetings for their success.

SCAD + Boston Whaler
Industrial Designer

Nov 2021 - 2 months

Bellset Entertainment
Event Manager

March 2018 - 2 years

  • Conducted market research and found a new consumer market

  • IDSA Silver Award Winner

  • Designed a new electric boat with complete setup for battery, HUD, engines, roof, etc

  • Designed temporary showrooms and mobile vans for events and marketing

  • Booking and Backstage management of artists and performers

  • Pitching design ideas to companies like Chevrolet, Maruti-Suzuki, JK tyre, etc

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